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Doing what you love to do is the best thing that can happen to you.

Cassandra was born in Portland, Oregon. When she was five she started spending her summers in Hawaii with her mother. She moved there permanently in the 6th grade. Most of what she can remember of her childhood was from her years in Hawaii. She loved the food and always wondered why she could never get food on the Mainland like you do on the Islands. In her early 20s she started to dream about owning her own business. A few of her friends started food carts in Portland around the time she moved to Seattle. Seeing the serious lack of street food in Seattle, she decided to embark on the journey that is now Fusion on the Run.

There have been many bumps and hurdles. Owning a food truck is far from a cake walk. Every surprise and every challenge keeps you on your toes. When someone goes out of their way to thank you for the experience they had with your food it makes every struggle worth it.

Cassandra Seaman

We Cater

There are many different ways we can provide catering for your event!

We can bring the truck and serve your guests from our large service window or we can set up a buffet inside. We can do a partial Buffet and truck service. We are here to accommodate your specific event needs.

• A minimum order of $500 must be made for truck service
• We ask for 50 percent down at least 2 weeks prior to the event
• All purchases made by credit card are charged a 3 percent processing fee
• You may change the number of guests up to 2 weeks prior to the event. After that you may only up the number of guests not decrease it.
• The truck must have a parking space on a flat surface located on private property.

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